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The LadyBug Anthology (Print Version)

$ 15.00


Brace yourself for the hip new anthology hitting the Manhattan Beach scene — THE LADYBUG ANTHOLOGY — brought to you courtesy of the Los Angeles Women’s Comic Creator League (aka the Ladybugs) and the Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA. The LADYBUG ANTHOLOGY will be the first of many anthologies to come out of the Ladybugs featuring all women creators.

So this comic anthology was made entirely by women, awesome! But what treasures will readers find inside? We have Orion, the story of a girl looking for her lost rabbit in a dystopian future. There’s Bounty Hunter Space Besties, a tale of two women trying to rise in the ranks of space-bounty-hunting by showing some extra initiative and breaking into the house of a suspected ne’er-do-well. Don’t forget, The Struggle is Real, a slice of life comic documenting the trials and tribulations of a morning trip to the bathroom. All of this, and 11 more stories will be yours. These tasty tales range from cute to dark to hilarious, so brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster.

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