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Meltdown Comics

Flinch Book Two

$ 14.00


As seen and recommended on this week's New Comics Wednesday with Cliff Broadway and Derrick VanDerMillen! NCW airs Wednesdays on XSN. 

This legendary Vertigo horror anthology will blow your mind—provided it’s still attached to your body.
You never know what will set someone off: a child wandering away from their parent; an elevator door opening on a private moment; a phone call to a stranger in the middle of the night. The most innocent of actions can lead to the most dire of consequences—just thinking about it is enough to make you flinch.

No one apprehends this disturbing tendency better than the warped talents whose paranoid ravings are contained within these pages—an alarming compendium of frenzied hallucinations and lurid musings pulled directly from the glistening brainpans of the greatest minds in comics.

Featuring work by John Arcudi, Bernie Wrightson, Bruce Jones, Frank Quitely, Joe R. Lansdale, Bruce Timm, Mike Carey, David Lloyd and many more, FLINCH BOOK TWO collects FLINCH #9-16.

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