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Dragon Dice: Kicker Pack: Coral Elf

$ 10.00


    • Number of players: 2
    • Manufacturer: SFR

SFI1527 Coral Elf Dragon Dice Kicker Pack Dice Game SFR

Return to the ancient days of creation in Esfah.. and find that legends live!

In the beginning, there were the Coral Elves. The power of Water and Air created a race that flourished on the coasts, and produced mages and marksman of great skill. In the battle for control of Esfah, the fleet Coral Elves have proved themselves through the ages. Now available in a kicker pack, the Coral Elves also bring their monstrous allies, including the legendary beast Leviathan, making its first appearance in Dragon Dice.

Each Coral Elf kicker box contains a random assortment of 7 6-sided dice: 4 16mm commons, 2 18mm uncommons, and 1 20mm rare. They also include 1 random 22mm 10-sided monster die and a rules sheet.

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