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Team XSN

On-Air Hosts

Clifford Broadway

Published author and Tolkien expert

Social Reach: 375K

Colleen Evanson

Professional Viner and X-files obsessor

Social Reach: 88.9K

Ben Tully

King of the Geeks fan favorite and a real scientist

Social Reach: 169.6K

Bonnie Gordon

Voice of Street Fighter V, ABC's THE QUEST star, a Library Bard

Social Reach: 13.9K

Kate Nash

Indie Musician and GirlGang leader

Social Reach: 823.5K

DJ Rossstar

Rock n Roll interviewer

Social Reach: 9.5K

Funn Jenn

Vinyl Toy geek

Social Reach: 2.9K

Chris Saint 

Body Piercer to the stars and veteran reality host

Social Reach: 257.9K

Jamie Iovine

WWE obsessed fanboy

Social Reach: 50.8K

Kimoy Robin

Japanese culture fiend and art reviewer

Social Reach: 23.3K

Derrick VanDerMillen

Comic book expert / self-described future Green Lantern

Social Reach: 24.5K

Satine Phoenix

Model / Artist / Creator / DnDer

Social Reach: 28.2K

Alicia Warrington

Pro musician, drummer, and WWE fangirl

Social Reach: 4.8K

Xander Jeanneret

King of the Nerds veteran and a Library Bard

Social Reach: 13.9K

Amanda Franchini

Professional cosplayer embedded in the maker scene

Social Reach: 3.7K

Erin Darling

Pop culture junkie, troublemaker, comedian

Social Reach: 29.4K


BBoy Casper

Legendary breakdancer, friendly ghost

Social Reach: 61.9K

Unkle Funkle

Indie musician, White Fang bassist, Gnar Tapes VP

Social Reach: 19.7K

Jerry Rogers

Earth boy, White Fang, Gnar Tapes

Social Reach: 19.7K

Izak Arida

Skinny Jesus, White Fang, Gnar Tapes

Social Reach: 19.7K

Rikky Gage

White Fang, Gnar Tapes, likes to play that funky music

Social Reach: 19.7K

Dariane Nabor

Racebending.com, hosts 'Token Talk'

Social Reach: 11.1K

Howard Kremer

Comedian, lover of Summah

Social Reach: 50.4K

 Executive Team

Justin Sewell
Creator of this thing / Chief Executive Officer

Founder & pioneer in live streaming since 1999 with over 12,000 hours of produced content, 50M views and a profitable MCN. High level strategic thinking with a calm, passionate drive for scaling communities.

Email: justin@shopxsn.com

Efren Toscano
Chief Operating Officer

CEO Techzulu + first & only person to hold title of Biz Dev Director at Twitch, Justin.TV and Stickam. Detail oriented deal maker and director executive operations.

Email: efren@shopxsn.com

Gaston Dominguez-Letelier
Chief Merchandise & Retail Officer

An influencer for over 22 years as founder of Meltdown Comics. Industry insider with the ear of top brass at tier one brands like Disney, WB, Microsoft, LootCrate, Undefeated. World class retail rolodex, excellent salesman, core asset.

Email: gaston@shopxsn.com







Allen Debevoise
Seed Investor​
Founder Third Wave Ventures, Chairman Machinima, and board member of StyleHaul, DanceOn, INDMusic, Mitu, and Tubular Labs with over 15 high-multiple exits/NAVs.
Christian Parkes
Chief Brand Officer

 Award-winning Marketing executive in brand building for Nike, Levi’s and Alamo Drafthouse. Per Fast Company, #54 in their ‘100 Most Creative People in Business.’

Email: christian@shopxsn.com


Executional Team ​

Dennis Przywara
Director / Production / Editing

A Slamdance and MTV Music Video award-winning editor, producer, and director creating commercial, web, reality, news program, music video, trailer, and documentary content for Mark Woollen and Scott Free.


Omar Antonio Figueroa
Tricaster and Camera Operator
A Puerto Rico-raised independent filmmaker familiar with live production workflows from Newtek Tricaster and BlackMagic ATEM. Bilingual in English and Spanish.
Jy-Ah Min
Director of Business Development - Brands

Launched Snoop Dogg's Snoopify App and developed businesses with artists Jeremy Fish, Munk One, Aryz, Usugrow, Mars-1, and David Choe. An experienced creative strategist with a passion (and impeccable taste) for visual media.

Email: jyah@shopxsn.com

Karl Robles

VP of Research and Innovation

An experimental psychologist interested in understanding the deep connection between human and environment interactions and the “self." Has previously led research efforts on behalf of J.D. Power and Associates. Currently serves as Sr. Experience Researcher at the award-winning BeyondCurious.

Tyler Lane
Graphic Designer

Owner and designer of Hyperbeam laser etching for such prolific artists as Jeremy Fish, Sam Flores, and David Choe. Applies his expertise in illustration and design to XSN’s creative strategy.

Email: tyler@shopxsn.com


Melodie Miu
Social Media (Americas)

A multi-platform communications specialist adept at reaching out to core fan bases across all genres including geek, pop, and entertainment. Has a flair for snappy wordplay in 140 characters or less.

Email: melodie@meltcomics.com


Giselle Li
Social Media (China)

An experienced communications manager and is here to help bridge east-west pop culture consumers for XSN. Bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese.


Amanda Franchini

Talent and Content - ART / On-Air Host

Books guests who make art, fashion, geekware, and all things creative. An on-air host who helps those same individuals and businesses sell their products online through the exciting and fun platform of XSN. 

Email: amanda@shopxsn.com


Andy Wombwell
Program Director

Experienced live streaming executive from Stickam and YouNow. Works with brands and musicians, YouTubers and record labels to develop and produce content. Recently co-founded the live streaming video app POV.

Email: andy@shopxsn.com

Cary Millman

Talk Showrunner

Veteran of WWE world wrestling entertainment knows how to tell a story live.

Karim Nabil

Creative Showrunner

A professional First Assistant Director for award-winning feature films and commercials with over 15 years of experience in the US, Europe, and North Africa. Also an experienced broadcast television and newsroom director. Speaks over 4 languages.

John Raya

Tech Showrunner

First AD from Hells Kitchen knows what high pressure production really is.

Jon Fredette
Sound Engineer

Composer and sound designer with an MFA in sound design and narrator of the weird fiction podcast: The Oddcast: Tales of the Occult, Weird, and Arcane as well as the sole contributor to the instrumental, space-rock band Myriad Black. 


Susie Chong
Social Media (Data & Analytics)




 Want to join our team? Email info@shopxsn.com.  
Minimum requirements: 50,000 social media followers
production experience with something we've heard of. 

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