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DAY 142: #DnDMeltdown, New Comics, Kera and the Lesbians, Gnar Tapes

Posted on Wed, 01 Jun 2016 20:34:00 -0700

HOUR 1: The massive #DnDMeltdown event took place at Meltdown Comics & Collectibles with special guest appearances and lots of dice. It's all Dungeons and Dragons-themed! Everything from pudding and cocktail drinks to a new book release. 

HOUR 2: Derrick VanDerMillen and Cliff Broadway bring you four new DC Comics Rebirth books on tonight's New Comics Wednesday

HOUR 3: Kera and the Lesbians get interviewed by DJ Rossstar about their new LP release, with a live acoustic performance!

HOUR 4: Gnar Tapes bring you a special coupon sale on indie band merchandise, like exclusive White Fang T-shirts and CDs.

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