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DAY 100: Geeky Cross-stitchings, Tentacle Kitty, Dorklandia, Drunk Shopping Network

Posted on Thu, 24 Mar 2016 12:00:00 -0700

VIDEO 1: Etsy sellers An Unexpected Hobby and Tentacle Kitty respectively showcase geeky cross-stitch kits and plush kitties with tentacles. Use coupon XSN15 for 15% off Tentacle Kitty, and coupon UNEXPECTED10 for 10% off An Unexpected Hobby!

VIDEO 2: Dorklandia bring a box load of furry kittens. Use coupon XSNTEN for 10% off!

VIDEO 3: Talk about hipsters! This week's Drunk Shopping Network with Chris Saint and Erin Darling had special guests up the wazoo, including Sheila ChalakeeDina Renee, Mollie Merkel, Michael Pizzoli, Ryan Broems, Christopher Sullivan, Tatiana CarrierAndy Ostroff, and Morgan Pratt.


Products featured on this episode: 

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